Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on Round Robin Journal Book-2nd Spread

This is my first spread for my first partner in the swap. It can be considered my second spread in the book if you count the one I did for my book that I mailed off to my first partner in the swap. This player likes the vintage theme. I hope she likes it.

Tissue Design technique

This is a 4x4 that I did using the Tissue Design technique I found in the book-"The Crafter's Recipe Book" This technique is done with pieces of colored tissue paper and used like watercolors. I like how the tissue color bleeds as you put down each piece of paper and as you use different colors of paper the colors start to blend together. Very Fun! I sealed it with an acrylic varnish.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Hand Drawn/Painted ATCs

These are more hand drawn and painted ATCs. I have been doing collage type ATCs for awhile, and wanted to get back to my painting and drawing again. So I went ahead and made some painted ATCs.


These are two ATCs I made for a swap I was in. One is a doodle and the other an abstract.

The doodle is titled "Curlz" and the abstract is titled "Ricochet". I made these fairly quickly, it is the collage ATCs that take me longer to make.

My Art Journal RR Book

This is my Art Journal book for an RR I am in. I had to do two spreads in it before I sent it off to my first partner in the swap. This is my first time pariticpating in a Round Robin swap. I will keep an update on this swap as it goes along.

More Paper Dolls

These paper dolls I made for a trade with a member in one of my ATC yahoo groups. I really enjoy making these Art Paper Dolls.