Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recycled and Reconstructed Post Card swap

I am in a post card swap where I have to use junk mail, old magazines, brochures, used greeting cards etc...and recycle them by making post card size (4"x6") collages. I can add rubber stamp images or paint to them if I want, but I can't use bought papers, like scrapbook paper etc. I really have fun making these kind of collages! :) Recycling junk mail and other non-purchased papers really gets the creative process moving!
From Top to Bottom:
Receipts; Chocolate Kitty; Three; Man in Red; Red Hot...Chile, Cherry, Yarn Dye, Avant Garde

ATCs for 2008-7th Set of 7

Well here are my next set of 7 ATCs...I know I haven't posted them as frequently as I wanted to. I have gotten really busy with the more important things in life, which always comes first. I do enjoy making art though. It gives me some time to myself and my brain doesn't have to think so gives my brain a rest :)

L. to R.

Top Row: 2/12-Happy Garden; 2/13-Whimsical Doodle; 2/14-Watercolor Doodle

Center Row: 2/15-Shay; 2/16-Celia; 2/17-Ready for a Feathered Friends Concert

Bottom Row: 2/18-Blue

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2x2 Challenge and Ticket Stub Art

This post includes a 2x2 challenge I'm in, and also a ticket stub portrait I am doing for a friend.

The 2x2 piece was interesting to do. I thought it would easier than the 1x1" or inchies as they are also called. It was a little more of a challenge to me. In the end I did like the results :)

The ticket stub portrait was really fun for me to do. I had never thought of trying to draw on a ticket stub until my friend asked me to make one. I really enjoyed it. I really like how it turned out too!

ATCs for 2008-6th set of 7

Here are my next set of 7 ATCs for my challenge so far. I have to say that I'm really having fun drawing faces and playing with watercolors!

L. to R.

Top Row: 2/5-Goldie; 2/6-Violet; 2/7-Curly-Q

Center Row: 2/8-Black Boots; 2/9-Teddy Love; 2/10-Dot

Bottom Row: 2/11-Don't Step on the Grass?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Collage in Rust Post card

This post card measures 3 3/4"x5 1/2". I made this on a whim. The background is dyed muslin on watercolor paper, then I added the rest of the paper elements and buttons. It was fun making this! :)

ATCs for 2008-5th set of 7

Here are my next set of 7 ATCs for the year. I have found that I really enjoy drawing, and painting more...which is something I used to do before I started working in collage.

L. to R.

Top Row: 1/29-Fuzzy; 1/30-Cutee; 1/31-Up and Away

Center Row: 2/1 Suzy-Q; 2/2-One Eye; 2/3-House in Blue

Bottom Row: 2/4-Curly Top