Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recycled and Reconstructed Post Card swap

I am in a post card swap where I have to use junk mail, old magazines, brochures, used greeting cards etc...and recycle them by making post card size (4"x6") collages. I can add rubber stamp images or paint to them if I want, but I can't use bought papers, like scrapbook paper etc. I really have fun making these kind of collages! :) Recycling junk mail and other non-purchased papers really gets the creative process moving!
From Top to Bottom:
Receipts; Chocolate Kitty; Three; Man in Red; Red Hot...Chile, Cherry, Yarn Dye, Avant Garde


Katherine S said...

cool post cards! where do you swap them?

Eclectic Works said...

Thank you Kat! :)

justthesmallstuff said...

Make mine Chocolate! :o)