Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funky Mona artist trading card

I call this Funky Mona. Monthly Themed ATC flickr group has a theme for each month, and Novembers theme was Mona Lisa. Their was a twist to the theme, we had to alter or make Mona Lisa different in some way so I chose to make her funky along with her pet cat spunky :) I just used an image of her face and drew her body, hair, etc.

Transfer techniques on artist trading cards

The top three artist trading cards were done using the clear packing tape transfer technique. The last two artist trading cards were done using the gesso transfer technique.

Whirly-Twirlys artist trading cards

I call these Whirly Twirlys. I came up with them while just doodling on some scratch paper.

More of my illustrations on artist trading cards

From top to Bottom: Ice Cream Shop, Ice Cream Kitty, Hello My Name is Mr. Morris, Wake up Mr. Morris time to go home. All kitty themes. I love cats! Made for Monday's Mail Flickr Group.

More of my Artist trading cards with illustrations

From top to Bottom: Lil' Boop, Polka-Dotz Alice, Polka-Dotz Rita, Brown Eyes.
Mixed media