Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Round Robin Journal Book-Spread 6

This is the other journal I was able to work in. The theme for this journal is Love, as this is the owners choice of theme for her journal.

Round Robin Journal Book-Spread 5

I finally received two more journals for the RR I am in. This players journal has a friendship theme.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Cat

I had a little time so wanted to post about my cat Moco's or sometimes known as Moxie. He was a skinny, sickly little stray when he first found us. Why I say he found us, is because my husband was going to work one morning, getting ready to jump in his truck when a little gray and white kitten came to him meowing, out of hunger. My husband pushed it away so he could get in his truck and didn't want to smash the poor thing. Well the kitten was persistent, he started climbing my husband's pant leg, all the way up into his arms. So my husband, who is fond of animals, told my daughter to give it some food outside. So she did, and as soon as it was done eating it came straight to our security door and started to climb it, meowing pitifully. So my daughter and I couldn't ignore it, she brought it in and washed it, it scratched her, but she finally finished washing it. He was so skinny and sickly, he had a cold, hence the name Moco's because he had a lot of mucus coming out of his nose. I checked him out and noticed that he had a deep gash under his chin, that was healing, one of his nails was coming off, with some dry blood around it. A few weeks later I noticed that one of his pupils on the right eye wouldn't retract like the other, I noticed that he was bumping into things on his right side. So his sight on his right eye had really poor sight. I will have to say that through it all, this little guy...well not little anymore, he sounds like a horse running through our house. He is sweet andvery loving, but very scared of the outdoors, doesn't like to go outside at all! I can only imagine what the poor little guy went through before he found us. I forgot to mention why he is also known as Moxie, well he may be afraid of the outdoors but if one of our dogs get inside our house, Moxie is ready to fight...or if another cat is outside and he see's it, he is ready to take it on too. Well he is big enough...heheehe. We love him!