Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ATCs for 2008-12th Set of 7

Another set of 7 ATCs for my own personal challenge. I have come to the decision that I will finish doing an ATC-A-Day for 2008. The month of March will be the last month that I will post ATCs for each day. I will still make ATCs for 2008, but will only be making one a week from this point on. So I will be posting monthly the 4-5 ATCs I make for that month, depending on how many weeks there are in the month. Family life has gotten busy and it does come first, but I will still be working on some art.

L. to R.

Top Row: 3/18-Balancing; 3/19-Courageous Heart; 3/20-Simply Enjoy

Center Row: 3/21-Believe in You; 3/22-Dream Big; 3/23-Princess Lina On The Runway

Bottom Row: 3/24-Watercolor Catz

ATCs for 2008-11th Set of 7

Here are my next set of 7 ATCs.

L. to R.

Top Row: 3/11-Bess; 3/12-Watercolor Abstract I; 3/13-Watercolor Abstract II

Center Row: 3/14-Cesaer; 3/15-Crazy Looking Clown

Bottom Row: 3/16-Character in the likeness of Dr. Seuss characters; 3/17-The Great Bearlini's

Post card size Collages

Well I have finally been able to make some bigger collages. I wanted to work in a 4"x6" size. I think I am going to go bigger on the next collage pieces I make. I did have fun making these, but I did notice that I wasn't in my comfort zone while I made them. While I'm making collage pieces I want to be able to do it without feeling like I'm holding back...I did feel like I was holding back, and trying to be safe. These collages are available for trade.
The Paper Doll Collages have quotes in their dress/skirt.

Top to Bottom:

Birdie Collage I, Birdie Collage II, Birdie Collage III

Paper Doll Collage I(with the pink hair band)-"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society"~William MakePeace Thakeray

Paper Doll Collage II-"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing."~Marc Chagall

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ATCs for 2008-10th Set of 7

Wow! I'm actually posting another set of 7 ATCs on the same day! :) I had a hard time coming up with names for some of these works as you can tell :)

L. to R.

Top Row: 3/4-Bear Suit; 3/5-Lay an Egg; 3/6-T. Turtle

Center Row: 3/7-A Version of Alice in Wonderland I; 3/8-Circus Kitty; 3/9-Version of Alice in Wonderland II

Bottom Row: 3/10-Girl (quick watercolor sketch)

ATCs for 2008-9th Set of 7

I am getting really behind in posting my latest ATCs for my 2008 Challenge. I finally get to post another set of 7 :)

L. to R.

Top Row: 2/26-Easy Bake; 2/27-Mrs. Jester; 2/28-Mr. Jester

Center Row: 2/29-The Prowler; 3/1-Dots in Purple; 3/2-Kitty Collage III

Bottome Row: 3/3-Cupcake Love

Thursday, March 6, 2008

ATCs for 2008-8th Set of 7

Again running late on making and posting my next set of 7 ATCs for my challenge of an ATC a-day! Hope to post my next set of 7 sooner :)

L. to R.
Top Row: 2/19-Mr. H. Pepper; 2/20-Bearoness; 2/21-To The Moon

Center Row: 2/22-Star Light, Star Bright...(poem recital); 2/23-Mr. Robot; 2/24-Geisha

Bottom Row: 2/25-Lil' Clown