Monday, October 31, 2011

Heart Artist Trading Cards and Doodle Girl

Heart Series is made for a few different trades. Beauty is a raffle for the raffle group on flickr. Inspire (with rusted clock charm) is for a Easy Peasy ATC swap #4-Heart(s) on Swap-Bot.
Create and Inspire (with the key) are to trade out during raffle for 2nd and 3rd place
Doodle Girl is an extra card I made to throw in with the Swap-Bot swap, as a gift.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oldies but Goodies ATCs

Yes, I have made another Funky-n-Spunky, but this one I call Funky-n-Spunky Returns :), they are the oldies but goodies! I have also made a new character(s) Pip-n-Zip. Pip is a little dog, Zip is a little cat, yeah looks like a mouse...anywho. Funky is a Cat just so you know, and Spunky is a mouse. These were made for kattera22 on flickr.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Altered PostCard

This is an altered postcard I made for a swap I am in on Flickr. I used a vintage postcard that has actual writing on the back from 1909 I believe. The center image is original to the card, I added the rest. I used a decorative paper napkin with roses on it to cover the white background of the card, then I added the images of the two other female images on opposite corners. I also added the brighter yellow roses, and the shoe on the upper right corner. Then I outlined the edges of the roses on the decorative paper napking with glitter glue. Lastly I put the green little gems on the vintage image in the center.

Latest Artist trading cards

These ATCs are for swaps. Affection-Frida and Diego, and Frida I are for the Monthly Frida ATC group on Flickr; Ice Cream Sunday Parfait is for the Monthly Themed ATC group also on Flickr.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Older artist trading cards III

Older artist trading cards II

Older artist trading cards

These are older ATCs that I thought were on my blog already. Some of these were done with the vaseline resist technique.

Artist Trading Cards for Swaps

Top ATC: I helped another member by making an ATC for their partner since they weren't able to. Title is Tea Doodle.

Next two ATCs: Are Frida themed cards for the Frida Themed ATC group on Flickr.

Title: Frida I, and Affection-Frida and Diego

Estrella-artist trading card

Made for a trade. Title: Estrella-meaning Star in Spanish.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bees wax artist trading cards

I finally got to use some bees wax in my collage ATCs. I have had the bar of bees wax for a couple of years wanting to use it in my art cards. It was a learning experience, but I would do it again! The top card is the only one that doesn't have bees wax on it.

Top to bottom: Le Soleil (no bees wax), Renaissance (a gift for Crae's on Flickr), Prim, Keys to the Past, Flora