Thursday, August 25, 2011

BB artist trading card

This is BB. I did this drawing differently from my usual work...I opted to leave out the pen drawing I normally do before I color it in. I just used watercolor to start my illustration, then colored it in with color pencils. I really like how it turned has a softer look to it rather than a hard outlined look like my other work. I also like that it has more of a painted feel to it.
It was a bit more difficult to start out with just the watercolor, but I think it will get easier and more defined as I continue to do more of them. Please feel free to leave comments with critiques or suggestions :) Thanks!

Artist Trading Cards

Top to Bottom: Sister's, Seamstress, Piano School, Taking in the Sites, and City Walk.

I really had fun making Piano School (The name of the school says it all) used ad from an 1800's magazine, and image from a vintage childrens magazine; Taking in the Sites cracks me up because not only is the lumber jack and pumpkin (yeah a pumpkin :) taking in the city sites, but so is the mouse as he see's the odd couple in the window! City Walk, hey a bunny can take a walk in the city! Anyway, I like how Taking in the Sites and City Walk have a 3-d look to them.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Time ATC

This ATC was made for the Monthly Themed ATC Flickr Group. August's Theme was "Tea Time" the member I mail this card to is Tengds. I used images from one of Teesha Moore's collage sheets.