Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sharing my 8 year olds work

These are a couple of pieces of art work my 8 year old son has done. He loves dinosaurs and has been drawing them since he was like 4 years old. He also likes Inika's. The Magungusarus he drew at 8 years of age. The INIKA he drew when he was seven.
I am really fascinated at the way he can draw something without hardly erasing. Like the INIKA for instance, he drew in porportion something I could never do as a child and sometimes I still have trouble with now. He also has a vast amount of knowledge about dinosaurs and some animals in general.
He also loves to work on the computer to make art work, and he uses the mouse to do it. The top three are works he did on the computer. The T. Rex he did when he was 6 years old, Robin was at 8 years of age, and the shark he made when he was 5 years of age.
I have many other works of his, that are just as amazing to me, but too many to put on my blog. Hope you enjoy them.

ATCs for 2008-4th Set of 7

Here are my next 7 ATCs for my personal challenge of making one ATC a day for 2008. I have to say this week I was a little bit off my game...I just wasn't feeling too creative, but I can feel it coming back...finally! :)
L. to R.
Top Row:1/22-Going to Pieces; 1/23-Flower Collage; 1/24-Watercolor Abstract
Center Row:1/25-Geo-Metric; 1/26-Collage in Brown; 1/27-Potatoe Eyes
Bottom Row:1/28-Numbers

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ATCs for 2008-3rd set of 7

Here is another set of ATCs for my personal challenge of one ATC a day for the year 2008.
L. to R.
Top row: 1/15-Paper Garden; 1/16-Asian Sea Collage; 1/17-Vino

Center row: 1/18-Perfect and Pluperfect heart; 1/19-Alice in the Garden

Bottom row: 1/21-Balancing Act; 1/20-Carl the Cat and His Friends

My First Fabric PostCards

These are my first two ever fabric post cards I have made. I was really having fun making them. I forget how soothing it is to just sew.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ATCs for 2008-2nd set of 7

Here are my next 7 ATCs for my own 2008 ATC-A-Day challenge. These are more hand drawn ATCs.
From L. to R.
Top Row: 1/8-The Sun Rises in the East; 1/9-Imagine Yourself; 1/10-Portrait of a Lady
Center Row: 1/11-BLOTCH; 1/12-Cacao; 1/13-Latina
Bottom: 1/14-Under the Sea

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gothic Arch

These are the Gothic Arches for the January challenge on Mixed media art group-owner Belinda a.k.a. crazyartgirl.

This is the first time for me to work on Gothic Arches. It was fun and interesting, not sure that it would be my favorite size or shape to work on, but I'm happy I tried it out!

Top to bottom: Caged (the bigger of the three), Passive, and Ponder

Caged-I really just went for it, and I like the results.

Passive-I'm a little disappointed with this one because the body is too big on the image, but I like her face.

Ponder-I like this a lot...I guess because it sort of reminds me of a paper doll, and I like the coat! I also like how her face turned out.

Oh and of course, I had fun working on the get all messy and gluey! That is part of the fun of making art!

ATCs for 2008

I am going to try to make an ATC for each day of 2008...YES! One ATC each day for the whole year of 2008!! So far so good!! :) I will post them in sets of seven, or once a week. They will range from collage, painted, sketched, etc. So this is my first set of seven.

They are as follows:

Top (R. to L.) 1/1-Solo; 1/2-Lucy; 1/3-Passive

Center (R. to L.) 1/4-Ponder; 1/5-Childhood Dreams (Robot Series); 1/6-When I'm in the garden My Heart sings

Bottom-1/7-Perfect begins with a...heart, moon, butterfly girl, cat, fish, or colors of blue, pink, purple, and red?

Yes, I know some of my titles are bigger than the art...but that's me!