Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ATCs for 2008

I am going to try to make an ATC for each day of 2008...YES! One ATC each day for the whole year of 2008!! So far so good!! :) I will post them in sets of seven, or once a week. They will range from collage, painted, sketched, etc. So this is my first set of seven.

They are as follows:

Top (R. to L.) 1/1-Solo; 1/2-Lucy; 1/3-Passive

Center (R. to L.) 1/4-Ponder; 1/5-Childhood Dreams (Robot Series); 1/6-When I'm in the garden My Heart sings

Bottom-1/7-Perfect begins with a...heart, moon, butterfly girl, cat, fish, or colors of blue, pink, purple, and red?

Yes, I know some of my titles are bigger than the art...but that's me!


justthesmallstuff said...

One A Day! You Go Girl! That will be a wonderful goal to accomplish. :o) Charleen

Eclectic Works said...

Thank you for the encouragement girlfriend! :)