Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gothic Arch

These are the Gothic Arches for the January challenge on Mixed media art group-owner Belinda a.k.a. crazyartgirl.

This is the first time for me to work on Gothic Arches. It was fun and interesting, not sure that it would be my favorite size or shape to work on, but I'm happy I tried it out!

Top to bottom: Caged (the bigger of the three), Passive, and Ponder

Caged-I really just went for it, and I like the results.

Passive-I'm a little disappointed with this one because the body is too big on the image, but I like her face.

Ponder-I like this a lot...I guess because it sort of reminds me of a paper doll, and I like the coat! I also like how her face turned out.

Oh and of course, I had fun working on the get all messy and gluey! That is part of the fun of making art!

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justthesmallstuff said...

I would say that Ponder is my favorite. Charleen