Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ATCs for 2008-7th Set of 7

Well here are my next set of 7 ATCs...I know I haven't posted them as frequently as I wanted to. I have gotten really busy with the more important things in life, which always comes first. I do enjoy making art though. It gives me some time to myself and my brain doesn't have to think so gives my brain a rest :)

L. to R.

Top Row: 2/12-Happy Garden; 2/13-Whimsical Doodle; 2/14-Watercolor Doodle

Center Row: 2/15-Shay; 2/16-Celia; 2/17-Ready for a Feathered Friends Concert

Bottom Row: 2/18-Blue

1 comment:

justthesmallstuff said...

I love watercolor doodle. It's just so whimsical!