Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the Kitchen ATC

I am hosting a Gold Mine Contest on Monday Artday ATC group. The way it is played is that all the players that sign up make an ATC with that theme and mail it to me, and I post each ATC anonymously. Then after I have received and posted all the ATCs from the players of the contest then the players vote on their favorite one. The player of the ATC that gets the most votes wins all the ATCs including mine. I will not vote as I know who's ATCs they are. I will not post my ATC but it will be a gift for the winner. The theme is In The Kitchen. The players get to make an ATC with anything that has to do with the Kitchen. This is my ATC that will be included in the lot of ATCs that winner will receive.


La bottega di Melany said...

very nice in the kitchen...i can't believe! you live in california....i went there two years ago...i dreamt for years to see California...when i was there i felt like home...and no place for me will be so beautiful and so lovely like my loved CA...los angeles, santa monica, venice, santa barbara venutura, pismo beach, monterey and frisco....i can't forget....
melania (art monday)

Eclectic Works said...

Hello Melania,
Thank you for visiting my blog :) What a small world...you were in CA, too bad our paths didn't cross...it would have been nice to meet :)
Thank you for your kind comments about Californai...I am so happy you enjoyed yourself here! I also love those towns. I travel to pismo beach several times a year, and San Francisco and Monterey at least once a year. I'm happy you have nice memories of CA :)